Roads and footpaths

Pink sunset over Point Lonsdale main street

Council is responsible for maintaining an extensive network of roads and footpaths within the Borough of Queenscliffe. Often this requires working with external stakeholders such as VicRoadsand our municipal neighbours the City of Greater Geelong.

An asset renewal and maintenance program is in place for Council infrastructure including roads, paths and drainage. Maintenance undertaken on Council-managed collector and access roads include tasks such as road resealing, line marking and patching of traffic lanes and shoulders, as well as more significant reconstruction works from time to time. We also maintain vegetation within the road reserve to ensure safety.

Commercial use of footpaths

Commercial use of footpaths by businesses in the Borough refers to where businesses wish to use footpaths for purposes including:

  • Displaying goods
  • Bulky goods
  • A-frame signs
  • Tables and chairs (with and without alcohol service)
  • Screens
  • Planter boxes.

It's important to keep in mind that footpaths are a community space. While we do want to support business operations, we also need to protect the safety of pedestrians, visual amenity and traffic flow. To ensure that you can take advantage of the space in an optimal way, read the 'commercial use of footpaths guidelines' and apply for a permit to gain permission. The permit application form is available in the local laws and permits section of this website.

Tourism and services signage

The prime purpose of tourist signage is to give visitors direction or guidance to tourist attractions and accommodation.

If you're seeking to place a tourist or services sign within a road service, you should lodge an application with Council and make sure it meets the VicRoads tourist signing guidelines. 

Application forms for tourist attractions, accommodation and services signs are available for download. Once you've completed the form, please submit it to Council and include any relevant supporting material.

We'll assess the application, and forward it to VicRoads if necessary.