A mosquito sucking on blood

Recent rainfall has been favourable to mosquito breeding in coastal areas and whilst most are just a nuisance, infected mosquitoes can carry diseases. Warm and wet weather can mean more mosquito biting and breeding.

The Borough of Queenscliffe has a permit application process underway to gain permission to treat the Ramsar wetlands. This application process has been in progress for some time and until the application is granted, we are unable to treat Ramsar wetlands or adjoining areas that may impact the wetlands.

How does the Council treat mosquitoes?

When necessary, brickettes are placed in stagnant water to kill mosquito larvae. These brickettes are harmless to other insects, fish and other wildlife. There is continued treatment of ground sites outside commonwealth jurisdiction that have no connection to Ramsar sites in the Borough of Queenscliffe.

However, whilst we are having heavy downpours of rain – we are unable to treat stagnant water as our treatments get washed away and are thus ineffective during this period.  

It is important to make sure that you are also putting methods in place to protect yourself from mosquitoes such as using repellent, wearing long loose clothing, barrier sprays for your home and not being outdoors in peak mosquito time etc.

Managing mosquitoes at home

Residents need to manage their own land and protect themselves and family during the season. Residents should check around their property and remove/treat potential sources of stagnant water such as ferneries, ponds and pools, pot plants, water tanks, roof gutters and even dog bowls.

Here is a link will take you to an information sheet from the Department of Health – this provides information on how to control mosquitos around the home.

This link to the Better Health Channel has also provided information regarding protecting yourself and your home from mosquitos.

Here’s some information on how to protect your home.

For information regarding the Buruli Ulcer, please click here.

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