Planning an event

Hands point to the sky in a crowd at Queenscliff Music Festival

Council actively supports and encourages the hosting of events within the Borough. We recognise that festivals and events bring a range of social, economic and cultural benefits to the community, and help to promote the Borough as a tourism and leisure destination on a local, national and international scale.

Council aims to ensure that events conducted in the Borough of Queenscliffe are safe, professionally run, conducted in suitable locations and do not unduly impact on residents, businesses or the environment. To obtain the information necessary to make this assessment, we require event organisers to complete an event approval application.

Gathering your documents

Event organisers must ensure they comply with the following before a permit will be issued for their event to take place:

Step 1.Complete the Event Application Form

All events to be held in the Borough need to have an Event Application Form(PDF, 379KB) completed, even if the event is an annual event or you've run the event before.

Step 2.Organise public liability insurance

Public liability insurance protects your event and business from being impacted financially should something unforeseen take place. Council doesn't provide public liability insurance for events nor do we recommend any particular provider, but there are a multitude of options out there. The Business Victoria website explains how you can find the right type of insurance, including public liability.

Step 3.Create a Risk Management Plan

The management of risks associated to participants and the public for your event is one area of that is critical in not only gaining approval for your event to proceed, but also in ensuring that it occurs safely and without incident. We've created a document(PDF, 271KB) that contains information on how to create a Risk Assessment Plan for your event, while also highlighting a number of areas that should be included in your assessment.

Step 4.Create a Traffic Management Plan

If your event is big enough to require road closures and other traffic management, we require a Traffic Management Plan to be submitted before the event is approved. If this doesn't apply to your event, not to worry! You can continue to the next step.

Step 5.Complete relevant permits

Depending on the nature of your event, a number of permits may be required, such as health permits, liquor licensing, etc. You can view and download the relevant permits from our dedicated permits page.

Step 6.Submit your event for application

Got all your forms and permits sorted? Click on the 'Submitting your documents' tab up the top for information on how to proceed. 

Submitting your documents

Ready to submit your information? Simply upload each relevant document in the form below, and our Economic Development team will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, first take a look at our policies on events and event sponsorship. If you still need answers, contact Council's Economic Development team.