Council Elections

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Council's local elections are conducted by the Victorian Electoral Commission(VEC). The current Council was elected in November 2020 and under the Local Government Act 2020 is elected for a four-year term.

Each Councillor is appointed a portfolio area, and has delegations to various boards, committees and associations that are listed in their profiles.

How do I stand for Council?

MAV Stand for Council program

Council is partnering with the MAV in delivering the Stand for Council program to run information sessions for the community and prospective candidates for the 2024 council elections.

You can attend these sessions either in-person or online. These sessions will inform participants about:

  • Local government and the important role Council plays for our community
  • The role and responsibility of a Councillor, Mayor, Deputy Mayor and CEO
  • The election process and candidate requirements
  • What newly elected councillors can expect soon after the elections
  • Councillor training and development opportunities

The sessions will be held at various metropolitan and non-metropolitan locations across Victoria, with interested participants able to register to attend more than one session, including outside of their municipality. Please note that you will not be able to attend a session without registration. Click to register to attend a session here.

To support and encourage a range of diverse candidates the MAV will also be hosting a number of additional sessions for women, First Nations people, people with disabilities, youth, culturally and linguistically diverse and LGBTIQA+ communities.

Please note: These sessions are not the Local Government Compulsory Candidate Training. For more information about this please visit the Local Government Victoria Website

Council elections are conducted by the Victorian Electoral Commission and more information is available on

Do I have to vote?

The rules for council-enrolled voters have changed.

What has changed?

In previous elections:

  • property owners who didn't live in the area would be automatically enrolled - now you must apply if you want to vote in the 2024 and future local council elections and by-elections
  • it was not compulsory to vote - now you must vote if you are on the roll or you may get a fine. 

All council elections are conducted by the VEC and are conducted by postal vote.

If you are an Australian citizen who lives in Victoria you can check your enrolment details online at Check my details | Victorian Electoral Commission at any time.

How do I enrol?

Read the rules around council enrolment for the 2024 Victorian local council elections here.

Enrol to vote online at or contact the Victorian Electoral Commission on 13 18 32.

Forms are also available from the post office.

The following enrolment forms are available here for those who wish to apply to be a council-enrolled voter:

Owner ratepayer - ongoing - Application for enrolment - Sect 242(1)(PDF, 64KB) - This form can be used by owners of rateable property in the municipality to apply for enrolment on the council voters' roll. It can also be used by owner ratepayers who were not entitled to vote at the last Council election in 2020, or by owner ratepayers who have moved out of the municipality since the 2020 election.

Corporation owner or occupier - Appointment of voting representative - Sect 245(1) and (2)(PDF, 71KB) - To be used where the rateable property in the municipality is owned or occupied by a corporation.  This form allows for the appointment of either the company secretary or director to vote in the council election on behalf of the corporation. 

Occupier Ratepayer - Application for enrolment - Sect 244 (1) and (3)(PDF, 66KB) - To be used where the rateable property is occupied by an individual who is responsible for payment of the rates (not an owner).  The occupier must not be enrolled as a resident of the municipality on the State electoral roll.

How do I vote in a local council election?

The Borough of Queenscliffe Council elections are conducted by postal voting by the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC). In the lead up to the 2024 general election, all voting information can be found on the VEC website  here.

Who are my local councillors?

Details about currently elected councillors can be found here.

Upcoming VGLA Training

Victorian Local Governance Association is running the following free sessions:

Standing for Local Government
Friday 17 May at 12pm - 1.30pm
Online via Zoom
Sign up here

Local Women Leading Change
Friday 24 May at 12pm - 1.30pm
Online via Zoom
Sign up here