Parking and transport

Springs Beach car park, Point Lonsdale

The Borough has easy access to public transport, linking Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale with Ocean Grove, Geelong and Melbourne.

There's a bus network throughout the Bellarine Peninsula and V/Line trains from numerous stations in Geelong to Southern Cross Station. You can even take the ferry to the Mornington Peninsula and the south-east suburbs of Melbourne.

Parking within the Borough of Queenscliffe is free of charge, however, parking restrictions do apply. Local laws officers are vigilant in ensuring road users abide by the rules.

Disabled parking permits

Disabled parking bays are reserved for people who hold a valid Category 1 permit only. To be eligible to use the disabled parking bay, the disabled person must actually be getting getting out of the vehicle.

If all available disabled bays are occupied, a permit holder may stay in a normal parking bay for twice as long as the time limit specified for that parking bay. Disabled parking permits are to be displayed on the dash of the car.

To obtain a disabled permit, visit VicRoads' Accessible Parking Permits website to start the application process.

Penalties apply to anyone parking without a valid permit in a disabled bay.

Loading zones

To be eligible to use a loading zone, your vehicle must fall into one of the following three categories:

  • A truck or utility built for the carrying of goods
  • A vehicle that is permanently sign-written (painted) or displays a magnetic or other sticker that clearly indicates to Council that the vehicle is being used in connection with a commercial business
  • A vehicle that has a "G" registration.

You must be loading or unloading goods, and you are only permitted to stay the indicated time.

Penalties apply to vehicles that do not qualify to use the loading zone.