Go All Electric


Be part of a clean energy future by switching your home to be all-electric and powered by renewable energy.

From heating, cooling, hot water and cooking, to bikes and cars – all-electric options are healthy and cheaper to run. Combined with energy efficiency improvements to your home, you could save big on your energy bills, all the while helping contribute to a cleaner future.

Transitioning to electric energy doesn't have to be a big change all at once. Take the time to plan so that when appliances, such as heaters, hot waters or stoves, need replacing, you're ready to make the switch.

By switching to renewable electric energy instead of gas, you're joining millions across the globe who are not only helping their pockets but also helping to create a better world to leave behind.

What's more, there are also discounts and rebates you can take advantage of to get you started on your all electric journey. Click here to check out the Victorian Energy Upgrades program.

There are five key steps you can take to electrify your home. 

Use solar power

Using solar power is a great way to harvest a natural resources that works well and can help save money. 

With current Victorian Government rebates, your solar system could pay itself back within three to five years (without batteries) - see current rebates here.

Switch to reverse-cycle heating and cooling systems

The cost of heating and cooling your home can be a significant part of your energy bill. The average Victorian household can spend up to $800 per year just on heating. Upgrading to more efficient heating and cooling systems can significantly reduce your energy use and bills.

Reverse cycle air-conditioning allows you to move away from fossil fuels for your heating needs – and allows you to cool your home within the one system. The Victorian Government Energy Upgrade program has discounts for upgrading your heating and cooling


Replace old gas hot water with heat pump system

The type of hot water system you have in your home makes a huge difference to your bills and environmental footprint.

Planning for when your hot water system needs replacing now means that you can readily make the switch to an efficient electric heat pump system and help cut your bills when the time comes. You can take advantage of the Victorian Government Solar Victoria hot water rebate here or the Victorian Government Energy Upgrade program has discounts for hot water here.


Upgrade to induction cooking

Induction stovetops are a healthy, safe choice for cooking in your home. Induction stovetops heat food rapidly while leaving the surrounding surfaces cool to touch. You’ll also reduce the health risks of inhaling emissions from gas stoves.

Find out more about the link between gas cooktops and asthma, and how you can reduce the risks on the National Asthma Council website.

Move to electric transport

Electric vehicle (EV) uptake in Australia is rapidly increasing, with EV sales more than doubling from 2021 to 2022. Electric cars are a more sustainable option than petrol or diesel vehicles, as they can be powered by clean renewable energy.

They are cheap to run, need very little maintenance, and reduce air and noise pollution. Council has installed electric vehicle charging stations at 50 Learmonth St for public use.

Electric bikes can be a great alternative to using a car and for riding distances that feel too far on a push bike.

The Victorian Government Solar Victoria zero emissions vehicle subsidy can help you make the switch - learn more here.

To get started, download the Go Electric plan here(PDF, 302KB), or head to Geelong Sustainability for further info.