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A career in local government offers a world of possibility. At the Borough of Queenscliffe, we only have a small team of staff; however, this means we have a team-oriented and social work environment. Staff also get exposure to many areas of local government.

Applications are only accepted in response to advertised vacant positions. Unsolicited applications will be returned to the sender and, due to privacy implications, will not be retained by Council.

Current jobs will be advertised below.

There are currently no job openings available at the Borough of Queenscliffe.

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Equal employment opportunity

Council's Policy on Equal Employment Opportunity reflects our desire to enjoy a workplace free of discrimination where each person has the opportunity to progress to the extent of their ability. The key policy principles are:

  1. The Council of the Borough of Queenscliffe is wholly committed to the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity.
  2. The Borough of Queenscliffe will ensure fair, equitable and non-discriminatory consideration is given to all job applicants regardless of age; disability; sex; sexual orientation; race; employment activity; gender identity; lawful sexual activity; marital status; industrial activity; political belief or activity; physical features; breastfeeding; pregnancy; parental status or status as a carer; religious belief or activity; and personal association with a person who is identified by reference to any of these attributes.
  3. Selection of an individual for employment, promotion or advancement, training and staff development will be on the basis of the person's merit in fair and open competition according to the skills, qualifications, knowledge and efficiency relevant to the position involved.

Child safe

Inspired by the Borough of Queensliffe’s Latin motto, Statio Tutissima Nautis, that translates as ‘the safest anchorage for seafarers’, Council is committed to creating a safe and friendly working environment where people are respected, valued and encouraged to do their best and where our customers and young people are also respected, valued and made to feel safe. Council is also committed to ensuring its legislative obligations, in particular the Working with Children Act 2005, are met and understood.

In line with Council policy and procedures, all positions within Council are required to have a current employee Working with Children Check (WWCC). All prospective employees cannot commence work at the Borough until they have a valid employee WWCC that references the Borough of Queenscliffe as their employer. All prospective employees will be required to undertake a criminal history check (police check) before commencing employment with the Borough of Queenscliffe. Both of these checks are to be organised by the potential employee and will be reimbursed by Council.

Application process

When considering applying for a position with Borough of Queenscliffe, it is important to read the Position Description. Your application must include the following information:

  • A covering letter including the title of the position you are applying for
  • An up-to-date resume including personal details; employment history, including current position and prior experience; qualifications; and referee details (must include current employer if applicable)
  • A statement of response to each of the Key Selection Criteria as documented in the Position Description.

All applications need to arrive before the closing date stated in the advertisement for the position. Applications are dealt with in the strictest confidence and in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act. Details contained in your application will not be conveyed to any person not directly connected with processing your application without your permission.

Applications should be in writing and emailed to