Operating a beauty or health business

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Council is responsible for registering certain types of personal care industries. This includes those offering hairdressing, body piercing, manicures, pedicures, colonic irrigation, waxing and solariums. Please contact Council if you're unsure of your registration requirements.

Our Environmental Health Officer's role is to ensure that standards and premises requirements are met under the Public Health & Wellbeing Regulations 2019. The Department of Health guidelines for personal care and body art industries is used to demonstrate compliance with the regulations and follows a risk management approach.

We offer a service to review and endorse premises plans so that we can assess compliance with the regulations. To avoid the risk of delays and extra costs if extra building works or alterations are needed to obtain registration, you should arrange for an assessment from Council before registering your new business.

New business

Prior to registering your new accommodation business, please contact Council's Environmental & Public Health Coordinator to arrange an assessment. This can assist in avoiding the risk of delays and costs if extra building works or alterations are subsequently needed to obtain registration.

Step 1.Submit your plans

Complete and submit the 'Submitting Plans for Approval for a Food, Health or Accommodation Business' form alongside your premises plans.

Step 2.Submit your health premises registration

Complete and submit the 'Application for Health Premises Registration' form – alongside your premises plans and the applicable fee.

Step 3.We'll inspect the premises

Once the application form and plan approval form are received, Council will conduct an inspection of your premises.

Step 4.Your certificate is issued

Once Council is satisfied that the premises complies with the standards and statutory requirements, we'll issue you a Certificate of Registration. Congratulations!

For any questions or application forms, please contact Council's Environmental & Public Health Coordinator.