Rates explained

Inside of rates brochures stacked on top of each other

Rates are contributions made by almost every property in the Borough of Queenscliffe to the upkeep of infrastructure and services in our community.

Council collects these contributions and invests them in things like roads, library services, and public parks. When you visit a playground, walk along the footpath or receive a visit from one of our community care workers, you’re seeing your contribution at work.

How rates are calculated

Changes in property values do not affect the total amount of rates collected each year. The total amount of rates collected each year only rises by a small amount to keep up with inflation and rising costs. Each property in the Borough contributes a percentage of this total amount. The percentage each property contributes depends on the property’s value, as assessed by the Victorian Government.

A property that increases in value a lot more than other properties will contribute more. A property that doesn’t increase as much as other properties may end up contributing less. Either way, most properties will only see a small change in contributions each year.

The Borough of Queenscliffe also provides some discounts on rates. Pensioners in the Borough receive one of Victoria’s highest discounts on their rates of $120 per eligible ratepayer property, above that funded by other levels of government.

How your contribution helps our community

Council invests everyone’s rate contributions back into the community in a variety of ways. Upgrades and repairs to buildings, town beautification, environmental and waste management, tourism, and aged care are just some of the projects that draw their funds directly from your contributions.

Other funding sources

Rates aren’t the only way new infrastructure and services are funded. Government grants, user fees (like caravan park fees) and other income is combined with rate contributions to form Council’s budget each year.