Strategic planning

Aerial view of Queenscliff township

Strategic planning considers the policies and controls that make up the Queenscliffe Planning Scheme and looks at the longer-term vision and direction of the Borough of Queenscliffe, taking into consideration buildings, open space, economic development, location of services and transport.

Strategic planning ensures that the Borough:

  • Plans for future development
  • Maintains its environmental, heritage and cultural values
  • Identifies issues facing the townships of Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale (which may involve working with City of Greater Geelong on shared projects)
  • Identifies amendments to planning controls.

Queenscliffe Planning Scheme

The Queenscliffe Planning Scheme has two main sections. The first outlines what Council sees as the future direction for land use and development in the Borough of Queenscliffe. It also has policies on issues such as heritage buildings, the environment and car parking.

The second part of the planning scheme contains zones and overlays which indicate whether a property is for residential, commercial, environmental or public use. Zones and overlays describe in detail what you are and aren't allowed to do on your land.

Planning Scheme amendments occur from time to time when a change is made to a local policy or the zoning and/or overlay that applies to a property or area.

Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO)

The Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) is a risk management tool which seeks to ensure appropriate development and land management in areas of high fire intensity. It is intended to ensure that development in areas of high fire intensity has appropriate:

  • Water supply
  • Access
  • Building siting and design
  • Fuel-reduced areas around buildings.

The BMO has the effect of requiring planning permits for a number of land use activities and for some buildings and works. It applies to selected areas within the Borough of Queenscliffe.

The BMO sets out a series of objectives and outcomes for buildings and works associated with specific uses and for subdivisions. A planning permit application must demonstrate that the objectives and outcomes have been considered and incorporated in a proposal.

Where a planning permit is required for a development/use, Council is required to refer the application to the Country Fire Authority for advice.

Planning Scheme Amendment C40quen

The Borough of Queenscliffe has prepared planning scheme amendment C40quen.  The amendment proposes to incorporate recommendations of the Heritage Review of Places in Fisherman’s Flat Urban Conservation Precinct (HO1), Fisherman’s Flat, Queenscliff, Victoria (Ecology and Heritage Partners, August 2023). Exhibition started on 7 March 2024 and concluded on 12 April 2024.  The exhibition period for this document has now finished. Submissions are currently being reviewed.

Notice of preparation(DOC, 35KB)

Explanatory Report(DOCX, 2MB)

Instruction Sheet(DOC, 29KB)

Clauses and Schedules
Schedule to clause 43.01 Heritage Overlay 
Schedule to clause 43.01 Heritage Overlay Compare
Schedule to clause 72.04 Incorporated Documents
Schedule to clause 72.04 Incorporated Documents Compare
Schedule to clause 72.08 Background Documents
Schedule to clause 72.08 Background Documents Compare

Incorporated documents
Design Guidelines(DOCX, 94KB)
Statement of Significance(DOCX, 148KB)

Background documents