Council plan and vision

Community Vision & Council Plan brochures stacked on top of each other

Under Victorian law, almost all Council decisions have to be consistent with and guided by a Council Plan. The projects Council chooses to fund and the way different areas of our work are prioritised are guided by our Council Plan, which will in turn align with the values and principles set out in the Community Vision. In short, these are the single most important strategic documents for Council – they influence every other piece of work we do.

Council Plan

The strategic direction of Council is set around five portfolios. The strategic objectives of each portfolio define Council’s priorities for service planning and delivery over the next four years.

Portfolio 1: Health and wellbeing
Strategic objective: To support community wellbeing and encourage an active lifestyle

Portfolio 2: Environment
Strategic objective: To protect our environment and address climate change issues

Portfolio 3: Local economy
Strategic objective: To support a prosperous and diverse local economy

Portfolio 4: Heritage, planning and infrastructure
Strategic objective: To protect our distinctive coastal, cultural and built environment, and provide sustainable, suitable infrastructure

Portfolio 5: Governance and finance
Strategic objective: To provide a financially viable Council that is accountable, transparent and practices good governance.

You can read the full 2021–2025 Council Plan document here.(PDF, 3MB)


Community Vision

Central statement:
The Borough is a special and restorative place, renowned for its distinctive coast, rich living heritage and vibrant culture. Our community is caring, and welcoming to visitors. We have a deep respect for the Wadawurrung People and are taking action to protect Country.

This is supported by five pillars:

  • Enhancing health and wellbeing
  • Protecting Country and our natural environment
  • Supporting business and community prosperity
  • Encouraging an inclusive and engaged community
  • Protecting and celebrating Wadawurrung and Borough heritage.

You can read the full 2021–2031 Community Vision document here.(PDF, 6MB)