Council plan and vision

Community Vision & Council Plan brochures stacked on top of each other

Under Victorian law, almost all Council decisions have to be consistent with and guided by a Council Plan. The projects Council chooses to fund and the way different areas of our work are prioritised are guided by our Council Plan, which will in turn align with the values and principles set out in the Community Vision.

In short, these are the single most important strategic documents for Council – they influence every other piece of work we do. By taking part in the creation of these documents, you'll have a say in what Council's priorities are and what kind of place the Borough will be in the future.

At the start of every new term, Council produces strategic documents that outline the focus of our work for the entire term. In line with new Victorian Government legislation, we're starting work on two separate documents that plan for the future – the Community Vision and the Council Plan. We're asking for your help creating both of these documents.