SunSPOT was built by not-for-profit solar research organisation the Australian PV Institute specifically to help households and small businesses to navigate the confusing and highly technical solar sales market. SunSPOT solar and battery calculator estimates your system size, the cost, and how much you’ll save, privately and simply.

It's free and private to use. No accounts or logins are necessary. 

Find out the ways SunSPOT can help you below.


To search for rebates available to help with the costs of installing solar and batteries and other energy saving tools, click on the link below.

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Meter Data

If you have a smart meter request '12 months of detailed NEM12 interval data' from your DNSP through one of these links. You can upload this to SunSPOT to get the most accurate estimates.

Choosing a solar retailer

Check out SunSPOT's Top Ten Tips for choosing a good solar retailer below.

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Find the best energy deal for you

After installing solar, head to the below government website to find the best energy deal for you.

Victorian Energy Compare