Aged care review

  • Project statusCouncillors declared support for continuation of aged care services
  • Last updatedMay 2021
Two women talking with each other

About the project

The Australian Government recently announced changes to the way it will provide funding support for aged care. Under this new model, it will be challenging for the Borough of Queenscliffe to provide an affordable and competitive aged care service. To plan for the future and investigate a range of options, Council conducted an aged care review to decide on the role it will play in supporting older people stay active and well in the community. The review assessed different options available for the future of its aged care services.

Consultation and result

Persons who currently receive aged care services from Council received a survey in the mail asking their preferences and opinions on what role they believe Council can play into the future. Members of the community who wanted to share their thoughts were able to take part in an online survey. Council’s aged care staff were also consulted separately as part of this process.

Client and community feedback was reviewed by an independent consultant who works in the aged care sector, who then used it to make recommendations to Council about the future of our aged care service. Councillors considered the results of this review alongside an officer’s report at the 28 April Council meeting.

In light of the strong support clients and the community shared for the service, Councillors declared their support for the continued delivery of home care services. Council also resolved to update its review of aged care services after the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety is completed in 2024.