Community Vision & Council Plan

  • Project statusVision & Plan documents adopted
  • Last updatedOctober 2021
Residents at Point Lonsdale Foreshore staring out towards the sea

About the project

At the start of every new term, Council produces strategic documents that outline the focus of our work for the entire term. In line with new Victorian Government legislation, we've created two separate documents that plan for the future – the Community Vision and the Council Plan.

The Community Vision
The Community Vision is a long-term vision document that sets out goals for our community to achieve over the next ten years. Council has an important role to play in achieving this vision, but the document will be a useful reference point for everyone in the Borough.

The Council Plan
The Council Plan sets out measurable goals and objectives for this four-year term of Council. It will explain the actions Council will take towards achieving the Community Vision, and organise those actions into pillars or portfolios.

Taken together, these documents help Council plan for the long term while also setting targets for how we will play a role in building a better Borough. 

Completed documents

Council has now adopted both the Community Vision 2021–2031 document(PDF, 6MB) and the Council Plan 2021–2025 document(PDF, 3MB). Thank you to every resident that took part in the consultation process.