Budget 2024–25

  • Project statusBudget Consultation opens
  • Last updatedJanuary 2024

Council budgets aren’t just financial documents – they set the agenda for the projects and services Council invests in. And because you care about these projects and services, we are asking you to contribute to our budget process this year.

We're conducting a survey asking the community to submit ideas and thoughts on what the Borough of Queenscliffe's budget should focus on. This survey is now open.

The survey will ask you what areas you think we should invest in, where our priorities should lie and provides an opportunity for you to share your ideas with us. The results will tell us which projects are important to the community and how Council can best invest in our Borough.

About the project

We want to know which projects and services are the most important to our community. You'll have the opportunity to suggest new ideas, or highlight existing projects or areas that you think are particularly important. We also ask which budget categories you think Council should prioritise.

Council's budget invests in a huge number of projects and services across seven categories. Last year's budget looked like this:


Our budget consultation is open to everyone. Whether you're a full-time resident or a holiday visitor, you're able to take part. We want to ensure we hear from every part of our community, and we are grateful to everyone who contributes and helps us develop our budget - your unique ideas and thoughts help us make this budget process representative of everyone.

Council's Community Budget Presentation:

Council's community budget presentation on the 2024-2025 budget took place at 6 pm on the 7th of February at Town Hall. The Mayor, Councillors and Council Officers presented Council's current financial situation, where current financial commitments lie, answered questions and responded to the community to understand the communitys needs.

The presentation was recorded for those unable to attend and can be watched by clicking the button below.

Watch now

Conducted an online survey

We devised a quick and easy survey to help understand the wants and needs of our community when it comes to our spending. The 5 minute survey asked where you'd like to see spending prioritised, suggest new ideas and determine what areas matter most to you. This survey closed on Friday the 23rd of February 2024. The responses to this survey are being reviewed and will help form the 2024-2025 Council Budget.