Coastal and Marine Management Plan

  • Project statusConsultation results available
  • Last updatedFebruary 2021
Point Lonsdale Lighthouse and reef banks

About the project

The Borough’s coasts are special places. They’re among our most popular recreational spaces and tourist attractions, while also playing an important environmental role. To ensure our coasts are managed in a way that protects and preserves these features, we’re developing a long-term Coastal and Marine Management Plan.

Council’s Coastal and Marine Management Plan will provide a roadmap for how we’ll use, manage and protect our coastal landscapes. This will help ensure individual developments or changes on the coast are considered strategically and in line with community priorities.

Your input will help shape the plan. We want to hear what you think Council’s priorities should be for managing our coastal areas over the next ten years. There are plenty of ways to share your ideas as the project progresses.

Stage one consultation report

The first stage of consultation for this project closed on 31 January 2021. We asked about how you use our coasts, what you think our coastal management priorities should be going forward, and how we should manage individual sections of coastline differently from each other. You can read a report containing the results of this consultation here(PDF, 1MB).

Understanding the Marine and Coastal Act

The Marine and Coastal Act 2018 (also known as MACA) was introduced by the Victorian Government in August 2018 to provide a simpler, more integrated and coordinated approach to planning marine and coastal environment.

The new Act does this by:

  • enabling protection of the coastline and the ability to address the long-term challenges of climate change, population growth and ageing coastal structures; and
  • ensuring that partners work together to achieve the best outcomes for Victoria’s marine and coastal environment.

Why Council needs its own plan

Currently, the Borough of Queenscliffe must apply for specific consent with regards to MACA from the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning whenever any use, development or works is requested on marine and coastal Crown land.

This includes such well-loved locations as the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve and Shortland's Bluff, but also includes any Crown land up to 200 metres inland of the high water mark of Victorian coastal waters. In an area surrounded by water, like our Borough, that means a lot.

By preparing our own Coastal Management Plan specific to MACA, Council can streamline the application process on future projects, resulting in faster turnaround times and more regular maintenance and regeneration of our most treasured local sites.

Thumbnail image credit: Shivapratap Gopakumar (CC BY-NC 2.0)