Developing a Disability Lived Experience Reference Group

  • Project statusEOI applications now being reviewed
  • Last updatedDecember 2022
A group of hands placed together in a teamwork motion; wheelchair in background

If you are reading this or someone is reading this to you, it is likely that you have an interest in issues that impact people with disabilities.

You may have a lived experience with disability, you might be a carer or an ally, you may be all three – and if you are, we’re hoping you might like to join the Borough of Queenscliffe’s Disability Lived Experience Reference Group.

If you do, we are starting an expression of interest process so we can find the people in our community who can help Council better understand the issues that affect people with disability and then do something about addressing those issues.  

Getting started

We have some questions further down the page that you can use to prepare your expression of interest. However, forms may not be your thing, so we are happy to receive applications in any arrangement. For instance, you may feel more comfortable using a video to tell us about yourself, or you may like to have someone with you when filling out a form. Let us know how you want to share your information and we can work out the best way for you to tell us about yourself.

At this point, you may be asking yourself what the Borough of Queenscliffe Disability Lived Experience Reference Group is. There is some information about the group in the sidebar of this page. You don’t have to read that information to apply, but the short answer is:

A group of people who represent diversity in our community, understand disability through experience, and can advise and guide Council as we update our Disability Inclusion Action Plan.

We expect you will help us refine this.

If you want to talk to someone about the group, have questions or would like some support preparing your expression of interest, please contact Borough CEO Martin Gill using the contact details in the sidebar. If you feel comfortable using a form and want to submit an expression of interest, please complete the form below.

Nyatne baa Gobata
(Thank you and take care)

Expression of interest form