Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve

  • Project statusWorks ongoing
  • Last updatedNovember 2022
Point Lonsdale Lighthouse and surrounding dunes

The Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve contains some of Victoria's most important Aboriginal, military and natural heritage areas. Through careful restoration and improved accessibility, we can protect the important history of this site for future generations.

What we're doing currently

At the Special Meeting of Council on 7 September 2022, Council awarded Q Constructions the contract to complete a full external restoration of all four P1 huts at the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve.

This decision has been made after months of planning and assessment conducted in collaboration with Heritage Victoria, DELWP, and the Wadawurrung Traditional Owners. The main aim of the restoration works is to make the area safe by removing asbestos in and around the buildings, enabling Council to remove the fences which restrict access to the site.

Works began in late October 2022 and includes the following:

  • Cladding external walls, replacing roof sheeting, and restoring windows, doors and base boards
  • Manufacturing and installing interpretive signage
  • Restoring existing pathways and landscaping.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

About the project

Since being transferred ownership of the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Reserve from the Victorian Government in 2012, Council has been working with various high-level stakeholders alongside the local community to restore and revitalise this cherished heritage space.

Council has since used ideas collected through community consultation to create an action plan for the reserve. The plan includes construction of paths, trails, interpretative signage and more, and has now been updated to include the preservation of the P1 huts (also known as the Toc H buildings).

Since this adoption, Council has worked closely with Regional Development Victoria, the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, and the Wadawurrung Traditional Owners to agree to a way forward on progressing the project, including making variations to the original grant.


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