Point Lonsdale bike park

  • Project statusDesign Tender Released
  • Last updatedNovember 2023
Father and children wearing bike helmets

Adventurous bike riders in the Borough need a proper bike park where they can challenge themselves and practice their skills. We're designing a bike park alongside the existing Point Lonsdale Skate Park, which will feature a dirt jumps track and an asphalt pump track. A bike park would be a win for everyone in our community – local riders would have a safe location for all ages and levels of experience to practice, and we’d be able to better protect fragile vegetation in other areas previously used for riding.

Council has conducted two rounds of consultation to finalise a concept design for the park, and is using this feedback to hire a consultant to complete a technical design and finalise the project scope.

Bike Park concept design

We used the feedback you shared with us in the first round of consultation to produce a concept design for the bike park. This design is located on two areas of vacant land near the Point Lonsdale Bike Park, and has been identified as as suitable location by the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning and the Department of Transport.

Some features of the concept design include:

A double loop asphalt pump track
For the pump track, riders told us they most wanted a double loop design with transfer lines. You also asked for a design that featured berms, rollers and tabletops. We've prioritised all these features in our concept design for the pump track.

A dirt jumps track to challenge new and skilled riders
Riders asked for a dirt jumps track rather than a skills track, and emphasised the need to ensure the design would challenge skilled riders. Our concept includes a jumps track with progressively harder jumps to allow riders at all stages to use the park.

Sharing existing toilets and facilities with the Point Lonsdale Skate Park
Locating the park alongside the existing Skate Park means riders and visitors can make use of existing seating and toilets.

Click on the image below to review the concept design in detail.


Council held a design workshop with riders on the proposed site on Saturday 14 May. A feedback report for this workshop is available here(PDF, 1MB).

Council has officially put released the tender for the design and construction of the bike park. Once a consultant has been appointed, the design process for the park will commence.The design will assist in future bids for external funding to progress the construction of the park.

Project background

Council has heard from riders for a while that a new bike park would be a great feature for our local community. In fact, several participants in the 2019 budget survey told us this was one of the projects they most wanted us to invest in. We try to be responsive to ideas we get from local residents, and we think this is a great idea that will give riders a place to practice their skills and spend time together.

Council has closed a number of informal bike tracks in Point Lonsdale to protect sensitive coastal vegetation. We've really appreciated local riders staying away from these areas to help them regrow, but we know that this means there are even fewer places to ride than before. Building a proper bike park will give riders a fantastic new facility so they don't need to ride in areas with sensitive vegetation – the solution is a win for everyone.

In 2021, we conducted an initial round of consultation to learn where our community thought the park should go, and what it should include. We heard ideas from nearly 500 people as part of the first stage of consultation for this project. Click here to read the full stage 1 consultation report(PDF, 5MB). We used the ideas you shared with us to create a concept design for the park, which was taken to further consultation through a workshop with local riders. A feedback report for this workshop is available here(PDF, 1MB).