Borough adopts Climate Emergency Response Plan

Published on 20 May 2021

View from underneath the Queenscliff Pier

The Borough of Queenscliffe has cemented its place as a climate response leader in the region, after formally adopting a Climate Emergency Response Plan at the May meeting of Council.

The Plan, which was developed in partnership with the community, commits to achieving net zero emissions by 2031, as well as interim steps including matching local electricity consumption with 100% renewable energy by 2025. Mayor Ross Ebbels said the adoption of the plan was a watershed moment for Council.

“The Borough of Queenscliffe is proud to be a leader in climate action, and adopting this plan is our strongest commitment yet to making the Borough more climate-friendly,” Mayor Ebbels said. “We’re looking forward to working with the community to achieve each of the individual actions in the plan.”

Council will achieve its zero-net emissions goal by completing or facilitating 49 individual actions laid out in the Plan. Actions vary from solar bulk buys to a shared commitment to phase out single-use plastics throughout the Borough. Many actions involve partnerships, with community action playing a key role in achieving the targets. Council will now develop an implementation plan to further outline how each of the actions in the plan will be achieved.

“Our Climate Emergency Response Plan will help everyone in the Borough take action to combat climate change,” said Mayor Ebbels. “If you’d like to help make the Borough more sustainable, you can read the plan and learn how you can get involved on Council’s website.”

The adoption of the CERP builds on existing actions the Borough of Queenscliffe has already taken to reduce its climate impact, including switching all Council street lighting to energy-efficient LEDs, entering an agreement to purchase 100% renewable energy for Council operations, and reducing its emissions by 34% since 2013. More information about Council’s response to climate change, including the complete Climate Emergency Response Plan, is available at