Borough to review ‘dogs on beaches’ laws

Published on 19 October 2022

A group of women walking their dogs on Narrows Beach in Queenscliff

The Borough of Queenscliffe has started a review of its ‘dogs on beaches’ laws to investigate a potential change ahead of the holiday season. Through the initial part of the review, a proposal has emerged to remove the restrictions preventing dogs on beaches during the summer period, simplifying Council’s dog laws and making it easier for people to spend quality time with their pets in the Borough.

“We know how valued our furry friends are in the Borough – I love walking our dog Pippa along the beach in Point Lonsdale,” said Queenscliffe Mayor Ross Ebbels. “This proposal aims to reduce confusion and reward the good behaviour of pet owners by allowing dogs to be walked on leash throughout the Borough all year round.”

Currently, dogs are prohibited from almost all beaches in the Borough for most of summer. From 15 December until the last day of February, from 9:00am until 8:00pm each day, dogs are not permitted on any beach in the Borough of Queenscliffe, excluding Narrows Beach (which is reserved specifically for dog use).

The proposed laws suggest removing these restrictions, allowing dogs to be walked on-leash in most areas year-round, in addition to the existing off-leash area at Narrows Beach. Our residents already demonstrate an extremely high compliance rate with local dog laws, and this change would further promote the area to dog owners.

However, we also understand that we have a responsibility to protect our fragile local wildlife, as well as those in the community that may wish to enjoy the beach without dogs present. Therefore, Council is also asking the community to consider and nominate an appropriate stretch of coastline where we could provide a year-round designated dog-free area for beachgoers.

“I encourage both residents and visitors to the area to complete the online survey to let us know your thoughts on the proposed change, and make sure to ask your friends and family to take part too,” continued Mayor Ebbels.

More information, including maps of the current and proposed dog laws, are available on Council’s website. The online survey is open now and is scheduled to close at 11:59pm on Wednesday 16 November 2022. To take part, visit