Budget Consultation Community Feedback Report

Published on 27 March 2024


Our 2024-2025 Council Budget Community Consultation report is available to read now.

We asked our residents, rate payers and visitors to let us know what they wanted to see in the 2024-2025 budget via a survey and over 350 of you responded.

We're thrilled to share the level of community engagement is up over 30% from last year, meaning we were able to hear from a wider portion of our community. This level of participation allows Council to develop a deeper understanding about what matters most to our Borough.

This report will help guide key decisions in preparing the 2024–25 Borough of Queenscliffe budget.

Initial work has already started, and a draft budget is expected to be adopted at the Ordinary Meeting of Council in April 2024.

The community will be invited to provide submissions to the draft budget from 26 April until 24 May 2024.

There will also be a presentation to the community on the 8th of May where the Mayor, Councillors and Officers will speak to the draft budget and answer questions the community may have.

Click on the button below to read the Consultation Report.

2024-2025 Council Budget Consultation Report