Community solar program coming to the Borough

Published on 19 December 2022

Queenscliff Low Light lighthouse overlooking the sea

Residents, businesses and organisations across the Borough of Queenscliffe will be encouraged to take up solar power as part of a community program launching early next year.

Council has funded local volunteer organisation Queenscliffe Climate Action Now (QCAN) to spearhead the movement, which aims to help reduce confusion in accessing solar technologies and encourage a major uptake in renewable energy across the community.

The implementation of the program also addresses multiple mitigation actions listed in the ‘Renewable Energy’ pillar of Council’s award-winning Climate Emergency Response Plan, adopted in May 2021.

“Community solar programs like this help reduce barriers to buying, installing and using solar systems, batteries and heat pumps, and in turn, help the community achieve the CERP’s three core targets around lowering carbon emissions,” said Queenscliffe Mayor Isabelle Tolhurst.

“Council hopes this program will build on the success of past programs and encourages community to get involved.”

QCAN President Kitty Walker, who was instrumental in supporting Council to declare a climate emergency back in December 2019, said the program’s primary aim is “to make installing solar, batteries and heat pumps easy and affordable”.

“Navigating what system you need and which installer to trust can be confusing,” Ms Walker said. “So we’re doing the hard work to find the best package that will ultimately save you money on energy bills and dramatically reduce our community’s emissions.”

QCAN is currently seeking expressions of interest from a range of experienced renewable energy companies to find a reliable and trustworthy solar retailer who can deliver competitively priced, quality products. QCAN will undertake a thorough due diligence process with the help of an independent renewable energy consultant to ensure we select the very best delivery partner for this program.

The program will be launched at a major community meeting in mid-February 2023, but those wishing to get started earlier can do so by contacting QCAN via its website at