Food waste collection begins in the Borough

Published on 01 August 2022


Borough of Queenscliffe Mayor Ross Ebbels has joined one of the first trucks making collections as part of Council’s new kerbside food waste collection service.

From today, Borough residents are placing food waste and scraps in their green-lidded Food Organics and Garden Organics bin. The contents of this FOGO bin, which also collects garden waste, will be collected every week and taken to a compositing facility.

Mayor Ebbels said it was gratifying to ride along in one of the first trucks collecting residents’ bins and to see the system in action.

“These collections are the culmination of years of work by Council and our community to manage our food waste in a more sustainable way,” Cr Ebbels said. “From today, food waste you put in your green-lidded bin will be turned into high-quality compost, instead of high-polluting methane. It’s a fantastic outcome for the Borough.”

Food waste collected by the program includes everything on your dinner plate, with vegetables, meat, dairy, bones and even oyster shells able to be placed in FOGO bins. Borough residents have also been provided with a portable kitchen caddy to help collect food waste, and some compostable liners and an information pack to help them use the new system with confidence.

Mayor Ebbels said the change would help empower residents to reduce their environmental impact.

“Every time you put your food waste in your green-lidded bin instead of sending it to landfill, you’re helping to protect our environment and our planet,” Cr Ebbels said. “It’s a small change with a big impact, and I know our residents are looking forward to leading the way to a more sustainable future.”