Residents to receive delivery as part of food waste collection rollout

Published on 27 June 2022

Cr Ebbels food waste 01.jpg

Residents throughout the Borough of Queenscliffe will receive a delivery from Council in the coming weeks as the countdown to kerbside food waste collection begins.

Throughout July, homes in the Borough will receive a benchtop kitchen caddy containing a brochure with information on the upcoming transition to food waste collection, as well as some sample caddy liners and a fridge magnet. Most households in the Borough will also see their 120-litre yellow-lidded recycling bin swapped for a larger 240-litre recycling bin at the same time. Mayor Ross Ebbels asked residents to keep an eye out for the delivery, which will help them prepare for the introduction of food waste collection and changes to bin collection cycles in August.

“We’re providing every home in the Borough with the resources they need to switch to the new way of sorting waste,” Cr Ebbels said. “When your new kitchen caddy arrives, bring it inside, read the information packet it contains and learn about the changes coming to your kerbside bin service.”

From 1 August, residents in the Borough will dispose of food waste by placing it in their existing green-lidded kerbside bin, which was previously only used for green garden waste. All food waste collected in kerbside bins will be composted and used on parks, gardens and farms throughout Victoria. Mayor Ross Ebbels said food waste collection is a more financially sustainable and environmentally friendly way of sorting waste.

“About 40% of the contents of our landfill bins at the moment is food waste,” Cr Ebbels said. “Turning that waste into useful compost reduces its impact on the environment and avoids expensive landfill taxes charged by the Victorian Government. It’s a much better way of sorting waste, and I’m excited to see it become available to all our residents.”

Council is also providing a range of digital and in-person resources to residents who have questions about the changes. Residents can attend an information session online or in the Queenscliff Town Hall, or visit Council’s website at for more information about their new service. Mayor Ebbels reminded residents that help was available.

“If you have questions or need help, come along to an information session and speak directly to our friendly waste team,” Cr Ebbels said. “Thank you in advance for working with us as we change to a more environmentally-friendly way of processing our community’s waste.”