Current Councillors

Council elections are held every four years. The last full election of Council was held on 22 October 2016, with five Councillors elected for the 2016–2020 term.

Council is currently in the election period ahead of the upcoming Council elections.


Cr Ross Ebbels (Mayor)
Ph: 0427 448 160
E: ross.ebbels@queenscliffe.vic.gov.au


Cr Boyce Pizzey OAM (Deputy Mayor)
Ph: 0428 291 207
E: boyce.pizzey@queenscliffe.vic.gov.au


Cr Bob Merriman AM              
Ph: 0400 062 967
E: bob.merriman@queenscliffe.vic.gov.au


Cr Rob Minty
Ph: 0418 931 508
E: rob.minty@queenscliffe.vic.gov.au


Cr Susan Salter
Ph: 0428 398 966
E: susan.salter@queenscliffe.vic.gov.au