FOGO collection

Council collects food organics and garden organics (FOGO) waste every week.

We provide all residential properties with a 240-litre FOGO bin (green lid). If your bin gets damaged or it's starting to fall apart due to general wear and tear, we'll replace it free of charge.

We ask all residents to please bring in your FOGO bin as soon as possible after collection. If you won't be home to bring in your bin, consider asking a neighbour to help.

We also undertake bin inspections and waste and resource audits throughout the year to collect data that is used to develop community education campaigns. Complete confidentiality is maintained during these audits.

What can be collected?

Food waste, including:
✅ Bones (but not large dog bones)
✅ Bread
✅ Cakes and pastries
✅ Cereal and grains
✅ Cheese
✅ Chocolate
✅ Citrus
✅ Coffee grounds (no coffee filters or pods)
✅ Dairy products
✅ Eggs and eggshells
✅ Flour
✅ Food scraps
✅ Fruits
✅ Jelly
✅ Leftover food
✅ Lollies
✅ Meat (cooked or raw)
✅ Nuts and seeds
✅ Onion
✅ Out-of-date food (no packaging)
✅ Pasta
✅ Rice
✅ Salad
✅ Seafood (including bones and shells)
✅ Spoiled food
✅ Tea leaves (loose leaf)
✅ Vegetables
✅ Yoghurt

Green waste, including:
✅ Branches (small)
✅ Flowers
✅ Garden clippings
✅ Grass clippings
✅ Lawn clippings
✅ Leaves
✅ Prunings and cuttings
✅ Sticks
✅ Straw and hay
✅ Thorny branches
✅ Weeds and weed seeds

✅ Certified compostable bags and liners (must be labelled 'AS 4736')

What can't be collected?

❌ Bagged household waste
❌ Bio packaging
❌ Cardboard
❌ Cigarette butts
❌ Cling wrap
❌ Coffee filters and pods
❌ Dirt, soil or sand
❌ Foil
❌ Garden tools or hoses
❌ Icy pole sticks
❌ Large dog bones
❌ Logs or stumps
❌ Liquids
❌ Medical waste
❌ Nappies or sanitary items
❌ Newspaper
❌ Packaging
❌ Painted or treated timber
❌ Paper
❌ Paper towels and napkins
❌ Pizza boxes
❌ Plant pots
❌ Plastic
❌ Plastic bags (even if labelled 'biodegradable')
❌ Shredded paper
❌ Skewers and chopsticks
❌ Sponges or cloths
❌ Stones, rocks, bricks or rubble
❌ Tea bags
❌ Tissues
❌ Toilet rolls
❌ Wet wipes