Borough looks ahead with new community vision adopted

Published on 26 August 2021

Community Vision & Council Plan brochures stacked on top of each other

Community members and Councillors in Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale have worked hand-in-hand to develop a new ten-year vision statement for the future of the Borough of Queenscliffe, which was formally adopted by Council on Wednesday evening.

A requirement of the Victorian Government’s recently introduced Local Government Act 2020, the Community Vision describes our community’s aspirations for the future of the Borough. The document was developed in partnership with community representatives, with a panel of local residents and ratepayers creating a central statement supported by five pillars.

Queenscliffe Mayor Cr Ross Ebbels thanked local residents for their ideas and expertise throughout the extensive consultation process, which took place across a number of months and multiple coronavirus lockdowns.

“I’m so pleased that we have been able to capture what our community represents in just a few short statements,” Cr Ebbels said. “The last eighteen months have shown how fortunate we are to live in a community defined by our incredible nature, coastline and people. I’d like to thank the almost 300 individual participants that contributed to this completed document in some way.”

The initial round of consultation, which generated thousands of individual ideas and pieces of feedback, was consolidated to a second round of engagement headed by a 25-member community panel that took part in five separate workshop sessions. The central statement of the Borough’s Community Vision is:

The Borough is a special and restorative place, renowned for its distinctive coast, rich living heritage and vibrant culture.
Our community is caring, and welcoming to visitors.
We have a deep respect for the Wadawurrung People and are taking action to protect Country.

This statement is supported by five pillars: Enhancing health and wellbeing, Protecting Country and our natural environment, Supporting business and community prosperity, Encouraging an inclusive and engaged community, and Protecting and celebrating Wadawurrung and Borough heritage. This format was chosen by the panel for its ability to both highlight areas of specific importance and to synthesise these values into a central vision.

A full copy of the Community Vision, including more information about how it was developed, is available on Council’s website at