Recycling collection

Council collects recycled waste from Monday through to Thursday every second week. All recycled waste collected by the recycling service is processed by Cleanaway in South Geelong.

Most residential properties now have a 240-litre recycling bin (yellow lid) which replaced the old 120-litre bins. Some units and managed properties are continuing to use a 120-litre bin. If your bin gets damaged or is starting to fall apart due to general wear and tear, we'll replace it free of charge.

We ask all residents to please bring in your recycling bin as soon as possible after collection. If you won't be home to bring in your bin, consider asking a neighbour to help.

We also undertake bin inspections and waste and resource audits throughout the year to collect data that is used to develop community education campaigns. Complete confidentiality is maintained during these audits.

What can be collected?

Empty, rigid plastics number 1, 2 or 5*, including:
✅ Berry punnets
✅ Biscuit trays
✅ Clear plastic meat trays
✅ Detergent and shampoo bottles
✅ Milk and other plastic drink bottles
✅ Takeaway containers
✅ Yoghurt, ice cream and margarine tubs
*Check the bottom of plastic items for a triangle containing a number. Plastic recycling should be larger than a credit card – otherwise put them in the landfill bin.

Paper and cardboard, including:
✅ Boxes
✅ Egg cartons
✅ Envelopes (leave clear windows in)
✅ Junk mail
✅ Magazines
✅ Newspapers
✅ Pizza boxes (only the parts without grease)

Metals, including:
✅ Aerosol cans (empty)
✅ Aluminium foil (golf ball sized or larger)
✅ Aluminium foil trays (rinsed clean)
✅ Drink cans
✅ Metal jar lids
✅ Tins and cans

Glass, including:
✅ Beer bottles
✅ Champagne bottles
✅ Cosmetic jars and bottles (clean)
✅ Jars
✅ Vitamin bottles
✅ Wine bottles

What can't be collected?

❌ Bagged household waste
❌ Batteries
❌ Cardboard drink cartons (for milk, soy milk or juice)
❌ Cling wrap
❌ Coffee filters and pods
❌ Crockery and ceramics
❌ Cutlery (plastic or metal)
❌ Foam
❌ Food scraps
❌ Gas bottles
❌ Light globes and tubes
❌ Long-life drink cartons
❌ Meat trays that are foam or black plastic (clear trays can be recycled)
❌ Medical waste
❌ Milk bottle lids
❌ Nappies
❌ Polystyrene
❌ Plant pots
❌ Plastic bags
❌ Plastic not numbered 1, 2 or 5
❌ Pyrex
❌ Shredded paper
❌ Small plastics (plastic must be larger than a credit card)
❌ Soft plastic packaging
❌ Takeaway coffee cups
❌ Tetra Paks
❌ Tissues
❌ Window glass