Queenscliffe Hub

  • Project statusConstruction nearing completion
  • Last updatedJuly 2022
Queenscliffe Hub street view rendering

About the project

The Queenscliffe Hub will be a multi-use community facility that brings the Queenscliffe Historical Museum, Queenscliffe Visitor Information Centre and Queenscliff Library under one roof. By providing outstanding educational, cultural and information services, the Queenscliffe Hub will offer substantial economic and social benefits for our region.

Construction on the $5.75 million Hub is currently under way. The project is supported by funding from the Australian Government, the Victorian Government's Living Libraries Program, Regional Infrastrucutre Fund and Community Support Fund, and the Borough of Queenscliffe. 

Design overview

We used your feedback from three rounds of consultation to design a building that met the needs of everyone. Representatives from the Library, Museum and the Visitor Information Centre have endorsed this plan, which has been granted formal approval by Council. Here's what the Queenscliffe Hub will include:

More space for all three organisations
This design provides an increase in space for every tenant, with the Library, Museum and Visitor Information Centre all seeing an increase in usable floor space. Shared facilities, including staff areas and public toilets, will allow the tenants to access modern facilities without needing to compromise their own floor space. More space for every organisation means more space for the displays and activities you love.

Community spaces to share
During consultation, we heard that community spaces were a top priority for the building. The design incorporates a flexible auditorium for presentations, events or even smaller group work. An outdoor courtyard at the front of the building and an outdoor learning space in the rear garden provide opportunities to have meetings or join an activity in the fresh air. These flexible spaces have plenty of potential, and we're excited to see how the tenant organisations and our community makes use of these areas.

A design that protects and uplifts heritage
The much-loved heritage façade of the library is being preserved and celebrated as part of the design. We're also retaining the area of Field Park for public open space, preserving this green area in the middle of Hesse Street. For the new areas of the Hub, a modern, interactive facade complements the heritage library by reflecting the nearby building and providing uninterrupted views through to the garden at the rear of the building.

Public facilities
Open seven days a week, the new public toilet facilities integrated into the building will provide modern, all-abilities access in the middle of Hesse Street. Other design features, such as public seating, bike parking and an improved bus shelter all add up to make this space more inviting and functional for visitors. Council is also investigating adding an additional public toilet elsewhere on Hesse Street.

The renderings at the bottom of the page show an interpretation of what the final building might look like based on these plans. You can click on each image to see a larger version.

Stages one to four consultation report

We used the ideas you shared during consultation to give the project design team a better understanding of what the community wants to see from this project.

Some of the things we heard from you included:

  • Maintaining the heritage façade of the Library and Visitor Information Centre is important, but that the interior of the building could include a range of design solutions
  • You wanted more space and modern facilities for each of the tenant organisations. We also heard that meeting spaces, along with staff and public restrooms, are a priority for the new building
  • Additional community spaces should be considered in the design. Some suggestions include public displays and improved IT facilities.

You can read the full feedback report here.(PDF, 2MB)

Frequently asked questions

Will the project include public toilets?
Yes. The Queenscliffe Hub will contain accessible and modern toilets inside the building, accessible seven days a week whenever the building is open. During late evening events, such as for the Low Light Festival, temporary exterior toilets may be placed on site. Council is also investigating adding an additional public toilet elsewhere on Hesse Street.

Where can toilets be accessed during construction?
Toilets can be accessed 24 hours a day in Princess Park opposite the intersection of Gellibrand and Stokes streets.

Is the heritage façade of the Library being retained?
Yes. The heritage façade will remain a prominent feature of Hesse Street, and has greatly influenced the design of the new building.

Is Field Park staying where it is?
Yes. Field Park will remain in its current location, though the layout of the park will be adjusted to accommodate the new building.

What's happening with the trees on site?
Both feature trees out the front of the museum and the large fig tree at the rear will be retained as part of the design. Pruning works will be occurring to keep these trees healthy and protected during construction work. You can review a pruning plan for the trees here(PDF, 1MB).

Is there parking on site?
Parking is available at the rear of the building. Bike parking will also be made available on site for cyclists.

How is the project being managed?
The Project Control Group includes members from each of the tenant organisations, Council, Regional Development Victoria and a community representative. The Project Steering Committee contains representatives from the above organisations, as well as additional community representatives and representation from the Victorian Government. The PSC is chaired by Minister Lisa Neville. Project management is completed by Cerno Management.




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