Heritage advisory service

View of Hesse Street and Vue Grand

The Heritage Advisory Service is a partnership between state and local government and is funded jointly by the Borough of Queenscliffe and Heritage Victoria. Council's Heritage Advisor is an architect experienced in building conservation with detailed knowledge of buildings in the Borough.

Advice is provided to Council on proposals affecting the heritage precincts and buildings listed in the Queenscliffe Planning Scheme. This may concern precincts, individual buildings, trees or other elements in the streetscape.

Assistance from Council's Heritage Advisor

Our Heritage Advisor is available to consult with building owners, prospective purchasers, builders and designers. They can help you by:

  • Advising on colour schemes
  • Locating early photographs of buildings to assist in restoration
  • Designing building elements such as fences, verandas and extensions in styles to match particular buildings
  • Preparing sketches for suitable extensions and alterations
  • Listing names of local suppliers or contractors for specialist building conservation work
  • Identifying building problems and recommending solutions
  • Identifying sources of funding for restoration works
  • Recommending appropriate materials and finishes.

To make an appointment with the Borough's Heritage Advisor, please contact Council.