Budget 2023–24

  • Project statusFinal budget adopted
  • Last updatedJune 2023
Council budget brochures stacked on top of each other

Council budgets aren’t just financial documents – they set the agenda for the projects and services Council invests in. And because our community use those projects and services, we asked them to be a part of our budget process this year.

Back in late 2019, we ran a survey that asked residents to submit their ideas and thoughts on how to make the Borough of Queenscliffe's budget even better. We appreciated your feedback and ideas so much that we had to do it again for our current budget.

The community was able to tell us which projects were important to them and how they thought we could best invest in our Borough.

About the project

We wanted to know which projects and services in some of these categories are the most important to our community. The people of Queenscliffe had the opportunity to suggest new ideas, or highlight existing projects that they thought was particularly important. We also asked which budget categories they thought Council should prioritise. The community was able to suggest increasing or decreasing spending in different categories, and provided feedback on the budget overall.

Council's budget invests in a huge number of projects and services across seven categories. Last year's budget looked like this:


Graph showing the way the 2022-23 BoQ budget is made up


Our budget consultation was open to everyone. Whether they were a full-time resident or a holiday visitor, they were able to take part. Parents were welcome to help children participate as well. We wanted to ensure we heard from every part of our community, and we are grateful to everyone who contributed and helped us develop our budget - your unique ideas and thoughts helped us make this budget process representative of everyone. 


What we heard from you

This year's budget survey is now closed. You can now read a consultation report(PDF, 200KB) explaining what we heard from you during the survey. The finance team used this information to inform their 2023–24 Draft Budget, which was presented for community feedback in April 2023.


2023-24 Draft budget

Council has released its Draft Budget and Draft Financial Plan after the documents were endorsed at the April Ordinary Meeting of Council. 

Unfortunately, we experienced technical difficulties when recording our draft budget presentation, however we have made the presentation available as a pdf. You will find links to the documents on the right of this page under Related information. Please reach out to council if you have any questions.

Community members are invited to make submissions on the documents now through until May 25, 2023. Submissions can be made in writing to info@queenscliffe.vic.gov.au or by post to 50 Learmonth Street, Queenscliff VIC 3225

2023-24 Budget adopted

The Draft Budget and Draft Financial Plan was presented at the June Ordinary Meeting of Council. A recording of the meeting can be found here. You can view the final Budget here and the Financial Plan here.