Budget 2023–24

  • Project statusSurvey closed, data being collated
  • Last updatedNovember 2022
Council budget brochures stacked on top of each other

Council budgets aren’t just financial documents – they set the agenda for the projects and services Council invests in. And because you use those projects and services, we’d like you to be a part of our budget process this year!

Back in late 2019, we ran a survey just like this one that asked residents to submit their ideas and thoughts on how to make the Borough of Queenscliffe's budget even better. We appreciated your feedback and ideas so much that we think it’s about time to do it all again.

By taking part in this survey, you’ll be able to tell us which projects are important to you, and how you think we can best invest in our community. 


About the project

We want to know which projects and services in some of these categories are the most important to you. You’ll have the opportunity to suggest new ideas, or highlight existing projects that you think are particularly important. We’ll also ask which budget categories you think Council should prioritise. You’ll be able to suggest increasing or decreasing spending in different categories, and provide feedback on the budget overall.

Council's budget invests in a huge number of projects and services across seven categories. Last year's budget looked like this:


Graph showing the way the 2022-23 BoQ budget is made up


Our budget consultation is open to everyone! Whether you’re a full-time resident or a holiday visitor, you can take part. Parents are welcome to help children participate too. We want to ensure we hear from every part of our community, and as they say – there’s nobody else quite like you! The more people participate, the more we can get an understanding of what matters to our community as a whole. Your unique ideas and thoughts will help us make this budget process representative of everyone. 


How to take part

This year's budget survey is now closed. We'll provide an engagement report to you in the coming weeks detailing what we heard.