Improving Council's tourist parks

  • Project statusConsultation period closed
  • Last updatedAugust 2021
Victoria Park

Council's tourist parks are a valuable asset for our community. They provide affordable accommodation for visitors, generate income that helps us keep rates low, and attract new customers and clients to support local businesses.

Because the parks are so important, we want to make sure they're performing at their best. Council is currently developing a strategy to make our caravan parks more financially sustainable and competitive into the future. Some of the changes we're investigating include operational improvements, new services and facilities, and opportunities to increase visitation in the winter months. By making sure our parks are financially sustainable over the long term, we can ensure our community and our visitors continue to enjoy their benefits for years to come.

Before we begin investigating, we want to hear from some of the people who know the parks best – the visitors and local residents who use them regularly. If you have ideas about how we could make Council's tourist parks more financially sustainable and competitive, please share your thoughts with us. We'll consider the feedback you share with us alongside a financial and operational analysis to develop a draft plan, which you'll also have an opportunity to comment on.

Consultation closed at 11:59pm on Sunday 15 August. We'll have more updates for you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this review affect the Caravan Park Masterplan?

This review won't change the Caravan Park Masterplan adopted by Council. While the Masterplan focuses primarily on infrastructure and facilities, this investigation will consider operational and management improvements to the way the parks are run. This will help Council take a more holistic approach to managing and improving our tourist parks into the future.

Will this affect my booking at the tourist parks?

This project is still in the early stages of investigation – implementing a strategy will take some time even after the plan is complete. As a result, no existing bookings will be affected. We'll provide more information in advance of any changes that affect park operations.